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To soccer fans around the world, Stanley Matthews was more than a great player, he was a legend. To OUSMAN NUOVO, a young, black South African soccer player, he was a God. Little did he know that in the summer of 1975, his life would change forever. 

STAN'S MEN is the incredible true story of how soccer legend Sir Stanley Matthews bravely defied the brutal apartheid government to form an all-black semi-professional soccer team in the impoverished township of Soweto and took them on a journey that would change their lives forever. 



Coming off of production of the feature documentary MATTHEWS, Imagination Factory Studios has story rights to Sir Stanley Matthews and each of the original Stan's Men players who were interviewed and appear in the film. 

We are currently raising $150K development financing for remaining rights acquisitions, conduct further interviews and complete a feature script by veteran scribe Ryan Scott Warren, writer / director of MATTHEWS to begin shooting Spring 2018. 



$5-10M USD





Behind the scenes photos from the MATTHEWS shoot.